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Got your eye on a new construction home? Ask these questions before you commit.

Questions to ask before you commit

1. What is the exact schedule?
While the timeline may vary, the order of construction phases generally looks like this:
* Pre-construction work, like document preparation and permitting
* Grading, site prep, and foundation pouring
* Framing
* Plumbing, electrical, and HVAC system installation
* Roofing and windows
* Insulation and drywall
* Flooring, cabinets, countertops, and other interior features
* Exterior finishing
* Draining and irrigation
* Appliances
* Landscaping, driveway, and sidewalks

2. Can I pick out my own finishes?

3. After I sign my contract, can the price increase?

(builders escalation clause- An escalation clause allows a contractor to impose price increases in materials upon the owner after a contract has been signed, thereby shifting the risk of absorbing the price increases from contractor to owner.)

4. What are my financing incentives?

5. Can I get a pre-drywall inspection and a home inspection upon completion?

6. Is the lot cost included?

7. What warranties are provided with the house?

8. How much is required for the deposit? 

9. What happens if there is a construction delay?


10. Will the builder fix items found on the inspection report?

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