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Considering buying a home in the Charlotte area but you aren't quite sure???



Relocation Ready provides a solution for potential buyers who are relocating to Charlotte from another city/state within the next year or so, but are not yet familiar with the local housing landscape. By offering this option, they can gain a better understanding of what Charlotte has to offer and make a more informed decision about their move.


  • Relocation Ready consultation is required before booking

  • 7 day access to the MLS to decide which 3 homes you'd like to see

  • 1 day Exclusive Buyer Agency Agreement is required prior to viewing properties (required for NAR compliance)

  • $150 nonrefundable fee ($50 per property)


Once you book a Relocation Ready Consultation, you'll be guided to schedule a day for showings and complete the booking fee.

Per National Association of REALTORS: Buyers are required to sign a written Buyer Agency Agreement before touring a home.

At this time I only offer Exclusive Buyer Agency.

This means  that you, the Buyer, do not have a buyer representation agreement with any other real estate firm or REALTOR.

NOTE: Buyer understands and acknowledges that there is the potential for a conflict of interest generated by a percentage of price based fee for representing Buyer. The amount, format or rate of real estate commission is not fixed by law, but is set by each broker individually, and may be negotiable between Buyer and Firm. I do NOT offer $/% of seller offered buyer agent commission toward buyer closing costs.

It's essential for both sellers and buyers to conduct thorough research and due diligence when selecting a real estate agent/REALTOR. Take the time to explore various options and find the agent that aligns best with your unique requirements and preferences. Keep in mind that fees and service offerings can vary significantly between agents, so it's crucial to understand the specifics of what each agent provides. Fees are specific to my business only.

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